Yoga Harness The Body

Yoga is an ancient practice for the health and vitality of the body and soul. It includes a series of poses called Asanas which includes monitored breathing practices and regulations.
There are many of poses for one to try and one can move up the difficulty ladder by joining certain postures together and holding it for a while.

Perfection is also the key to good yoga build up. One must always strive to bring in the quality of the moves rather than the frequency or the quantity.
Yoga is a science, and has been proven to have enormous health benefits, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Muscle and bone health
  • Cardiovascular and prevention of heart disease
  • Increasing the longevity of life
  • Developing balance skills that help avoid falls as we age
  • Meditation to soothe the soul and give one focus and clarity of mind
  • Pain relief
  • Weight loss
  • Alertness, concentration and focus
  • Posture
    And many more

How Yoga Improves Balance

In this article we’ll start analysing just one element of the benefits, how yoga helps in improving balance in an individual.

It targets the core strength of the muscles and needs concentration.
For beginners, it might be difficult as it is a slow process and may take up a lot of energy and practice till one achieves perfection.
It is also noteworthy to mention that achieving perfection in these poses can bring a wealth of personal satisfaction at achieving something so great, which, of course is just another benefit of practicing this ancient and widespread routine. There are plenty of poses which aid in improving the balance. They are usually poses to be attempted standing up.

The easiest of them is the awkward chair pose where the knees are bent and the body is bent slightly forward. One has to hold the pose for some time and revert back to the normal position. This must be repeated a few times in each sitting.

A more difficult version emanating from this pose is the eagle pose or the Garudasana. In this, one leg wraps around the other one in the bent position. After balance is attained, the arms too wrap around each till the palms face each other and touch. Hold that position till you finishing slow breathing five times.
This pose is one of the most difficult, but, can reap enormous rewards in the long run. It exercises many body parts, increases concentration and improves balance.

Additional Poses For Balance

The next asana to be attempted in the yoga balance structure is the tree pose which many are familiar with. It includes bringing one leg up the inner thigh of the other, preferably without the use of hands and joining the palms together in front of your body.
Another variant has the hands stretched upward and the palms touching there.
Whichever version you try, you should to hold the position for 10 seconds or five breaths, whichever is more. This not only improves balance but also gives you flexibility and agility. The thigh muscles are also exercised and core strength is built.
No balance exercise is complete without attempting any of the three poses mentioned below.
One is the king dancer pose or the Natarajasana where one stretches both hands and legs on an outward position and retains the balance, while targeting the core muscles or arms, hips, belly, and thighs.
Another version of this is the warrior III pose which though requiring less balance, eats up more on the core muscles building part.
The last is the standing split wherein the body and hands are bent forward trying to touch the ground and then the foot followed with the knee, but having one leg up in the air.
Needless to say, all the poses required above require practice and patience and the proper guidance from a qualified yoga teacher.
Doing yoga on a regular basis is the only way to nurture and perfect balance skills that will go on to serve you in everyday life.
Take a moment to research images of advanced yoga poses and you will be amazed at what some of the experts can do!

How To Get Started

One can look up all the poses online as there are plenty of videos available for beginners and enthusiasts. There are also many yoga DVD workout programs for sale that you can use in the comfort of your own home.Also, there are yoga studios all over the country where classes offer the opportunity to do yoga in a setting with a live teacher and other participants.
While attempting the various poses (asanas), remember to go slow and to hold your breath. These poses definitely will improve your balance and lead you towards a journey of a fitter, healthier and longer life.