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Hot Yoga

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Yoga comes in many styles, all of which, focus on particular poses, known as asanas, breathing techniques and meditative practices that bring the yogi in touch with their mind, body and spirit. All styles of yoga have innumerable benefits for health, and in this article we will focus on one of the most popular varieties, Hot yoga. Hot yoga is…

The Art Of True Relaxation And Its Enormous Benefits

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Many of us lead busy lives. Regardless if you work or are a stay at home mom or dad or a student who is constantly trying to juggle study habits to meet homework deadlines, stress will eventually begin to take its toll, and that’s not healthy. If your busy life turns into one filled with stress and anxiety it can…

14 Ways To Restore Clarity And Focus To The Mind

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This is so typical in our over-stimulated and over-worked lives. We wake up to a loud and rude alarm tone. We gulp down scalding coffee, jump in the shower, rush to work. Incoming email to sift through to weed out spam. There are chat messages, instant messages and short messages to reply to. There are meetings to attend, documents to…