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Who Is Eva Meyers?


‘In a ‘past life’ I used to be a dancer. I always say to people: ‘I was made for dancing but not for the hard and competing dancing world’.

At the age of 23 I quit. I studied Bachelor of Pedagogy and really hoped to have found my new passion. After some years of working with youth, I had to admit to myself that something essential was missing in my life. I needed to dance, to move…to feel alive! I also missed a way to connect with my inner world; with my heart and soul.

In daily life I struggled to find the key to my own compass and could sometimes feel lost. But then Yoga came on my path and provided me with the key to truly come home. I was so impressed with the power of yoga that I had to follow a teacher training so I would be able to pass this power of yoga through to others. I would like to encourage students to let go of any judgements and conditioning, by creating a safe space where they really can come home to themselves…into their hearts. I believe that every-body is capable of so much more then he/she thinks and I see it as my personal purpose to make people aware of this.

I want my students to feel free to challenge themselves, fall, get back up and go for it again! Life is a journey, let’s be just human together, learn, laugh and explore! :-)’

  • Yoga as a disciplined method
  • Yoga as techniques of controlling
  • Yoga as a name of one of the schools
  • Yoga in connection with other words
  • Yoga as the goal of Yoga practice.

Eva Meyers - Yoga on The Beach - Advanced Living

Mornings on the beach is my favourite place to do yoga